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pfs investments pyramid scheme

My husband works for a window company, door to door, ran into a guy who says he has career opportunities available now this guy calls everyday for a week saying he wanted to set me up a job as well I seemed educated and professional so and so.. After weeks of talking over the phone we set up an appointment. He invited me to this thing some orientation and was like being your parents Im sure they could learn something and Im like did this man just insult my parents intelligence. He made me give him my SOC over a zoom call, he was filling out an application for ME! Last week I was approached at my job by two people. In fact, given his air of desperation in hard-booking like that, the evidence appeared to point to the contrary. Are you looking for a Primerica review to determine if the insurance company is a scam, multi-level marketing company, or pyramid scheme? My old coworker had me sit through a lecture for her (I thought I was just helping her) then he asked if I was interested. He said they need a financial planner. Im so stressed out now because I couldnt come up with a lie to excuse me from that call. I was contacted by Dianne by phone from the Cheshire, CT office and told she was hiring people to not sell financial products, but to instead perform interviewing and other support functions, as they planned to expand with 20 offices. Long Term Care Insurance 5. Life Code, the real world. But you dont actually own anything, many times not even the right to take your customers with you if you leave the MLM. Im not sure why the internet continues to say PRI is MLM. Take up as much of their time as possible, keep them on a string. I will not be going and now I dont think Ill give them any more of my time by giving them notification either. On a non related note, why are the people supporting primerica, speaking like assholes and calling everyone stupid and lazy for speaking their minds. Once the new recruits, the professional-looking man and a scared-looking, awkward young guy who looked about 20 and was wearing ripped jeans and left on a bicycle, had left, John was photocopying the paperwork to put in the mailbag for tomorrow. Primerica, at the very least, sells a very mediocre policy, that is also over priced for what it does. A pyramid scheme begins with one person or a small team recruiting participants to join a new business venture. How BBB Processes Complaints and Reviews. After reading a lot of these comments I understand why many people feel Primerica is a scam. I interview with a Primerica Financial guy like 15 years ago. Fourth, I am a 57 year-old college educated woman (B. S. in business) who has stayed home with kids over the last 17 years, so a part-time position of some kind would allow me to more gradually return to the work force. I did. I was unable to find much of anything online until I got the address for the interview. We will see. I call in two weeks ago to get some assistance in lowering my policy, and I get the run around. One of my classmates from a dispute resolution class I had this past winter called me one night about a business opportunity she wanted me to check out. This other guy was pleasant enough, introduced himself and politely shook my hand. If your goal is endless chain recruiting, you are scum and you belong in a company like Primerica. It wont end up mattering in the long run anyway, youll have enough new recruits to train. I nodded silently, not wanting an argument. Went here, not knowing what it was about. Wow!! Would you like to travel around the world if you got rich? Top investment analyst recommend company in books, on the radio programs, and on TV programs. No rebuttal, just got off the phone. OmG people you are not making a difference commenting here report it to the BBB online or phone I did . Long-term care insurance Personal Finance vehiclessuch as mutual funds, managed investments, annuities, and business retirement plans. Damn I wish I would have read this earlier. A typical recruiting ploy in Primerica is the job interview. And now I am here. I thought I had a job interview today where the man switched to trying to get me to be a Primerica rep. She told me, I dont think of it as sales, but rather as helping people; dont you want to help people? I replied, yeah, by repairing computers, not by getting them to give me their money and expect unrealistic returns on their mutual funds! Well, dont you want to see what sort of assets you currently stand to retire with? No, came my reply, do you have a need for an IT guy or not? We need people from all walks of life! she reminded me. The outdated nature of your claims constitutes libel until corrected. Am a cashier nothing spectacular, but I still enjoy it. I got the call on Monday evening from a woman (name witheld by me) asking if I would like to be interviewed for a position with her holdings company, Primerica.She told me she found my resume online and I looked like a good fit. I met with her, and liked what I saw. No company would ask for a $99 fee and a hundred something more to start a job. She has probably picked up by now that I am a liberal, so she starts emphasizing that she is a hippy and a Christian whose God loves everyone. She tells me an incredible story about her mom leading a march for gay rights and getting pelted with eggs and vegetables. What it seems to be is actually a high interest line of credit. I was definitely lied to when I first was contacted by the woman. And in response to that someone wrote to me the following: Hello Good evening, I work for Financial Services Office. Shove that $99 fee up your keester. However the commission is low and their training program sucks. But It didnt make sense that I was not given the company name but did get a management position for something I know nothing about. Furthermore, in order to get into a hedge fund, one has to invest more than a million dollars out of pocket. Each year, millions of people work hard in MLMs and do exactly as theyre taught, and they still lose money. How fun. He said there were interviews for the next three days: a group interview and all the others were individuals. Only said that his company was part of the stock exchange and made more money than Yahoo -_-. After that she was with very little interest to meet again. Most of the posters defending also seem very unprofessional and lack a certain level of education. I have an interview with them tomorrow. I received a call from a rep from primerica. Primerica pushed me over the edge. I had come across this blog a few months back after hearing about this scam. I read the story that was provided above and a handful of the comments. Surely it wouldnt matter in the end, as long as we get the recruit right? After reviewing those comments I will not be going for and interview. here is to you. those guys are motherfu***** i went to the interview and i interviewed with a guy but he was so suspicious though, when he asked me for a 99$ but it should be on a bank account not cash( so they can steal my infos) but when i told him i dont have any money on me now he seemed Confounded and annoyed and there was three girls sitting on the other table they kinda laughed when i said i dont have the money, and so he immediately ended the convo and said i can come back tomorrow and give him the money and i said okay great cuz i actually believed him he was so convenience but and thank god i didnt have money on me cuz if i had i would give all my infos but thank god i didnt give him anything and so he ended the convo right away cuz in my opinion he knew that i would go back home and look up the company name and i will find this post and so i will never come back and give him anything and thats exactly what happened and thank god ive read this post this author is genius thank you so much screw those guys. If you join Primerica your commission schedule is ridiculously LOW. On top of that, the lady who talked to me one on one after the presentation kept trying to get me to give her more peoples names and numbers and I told her first, I didnt know anyone. Thank you for the information. He finally emailed me back saying that 10 works great but I would be speaking with David because he was busy busy busy! Similar situation to how I found about this market a couple days after Christmas. Just got a call from a Primerica recruiter, who set up a alleged interview for tomorrow. Fortunately, my paralysis didnt last long. He had pulled out a 4-6 page brochure that explained why everyone needs their services. He tried recruiting me so I took the interview mainly as a courtesy to him. She chats up the bartender who seems wary of her. What I found was that most people dont want help with their finances and many (foolishly) refuse to spend money to own life insurance. Do not get suckered in, I was lured in by a friend that saw I was making pretty good money and figured 100 dollars to start isnt too bad for me. Needless to say I WILL NOT be going back. I knew something was fishy from the start. Finding your own customers and future work is real work. As I read these comments, I am curious as to if the author took the time to do a THOROUGH investigation of this company. He was strange, deceptive and refused to answer why he supposedly left this well-known company which had me a bit concerned. They were in my home for almost 3 hours, 10 minutes before they left (which was an hour ago btw!!) I went to the orientation before with Primerica and discovered that it was a MLM. I stared at it blankly for a moment, noticing how low the numbers were. They talk about working part time, not having a JOB, sky is the limit, yet deliver on none of those dreams. . I entered the room the woman on the phone had told me to go, there were about 20 other people in there with a presenter holding an iPad on his hand. Ha!!!! We had a small conversation and she claimed she liked my personality and gave me her card. It is a recruitment scheme. But im not stupid so i looked it all up what the job was and where it actually was and this seems to be all true. So I was going to take my one and only day off this week and go to an interview only to find out that its a scam of some short. Primerica is a brokerage not a MLM. However, it does not mean that because it is legal that the company' structure is not shape like a pyramid. Cost varies depending on the policy and the applicant's age and health profile. I eventually gave in and asked for her business card, she told me she had left it in her office. In essence, 95% of their force starves while making the top 5% rich. Investment Adviser Firm Visit SEC Site. Everything Ive written here is true so please dont waste your time on these people. Wow i got a callcfrom Primerica and the guy jhon who called made it soumd legit. What professional business calls on a weekend? Well guide you through the process. Well! She called me today asking me about coming in. I am not shown this. I tried to be professional and somewhat upbeat but also clear I despised working there. He said Financial Services then when I asked what kind of company he states the details will be discussed during the interview. Anyway, flash forward to last week, I get a phone call from them. She also said if I fit for the position I would need to plan on staying longer to go over more information. These offers do not represent all available deposit, investment, loan or credit products. That really put me off. Again why have they not been charged if they are doing something illegal? Im glad I did because this job sounds JUST like a job that sent me a postcard a few years ago saying they wanted me to work for their company. She said that if, following the interview, she liked what she saw, the business opportunity would be discussed further. you need your own clients to start off like family or friends. Well, all insurance agencies and brokerages have the pyramid payment style. Some people are so desperate for money that they are blind to this. Ive very good internet skills. Information regarding accounts at other fund companies may be found on those companies' websites. I walked out. How what they do helps people. Unlike working at a job where, if you do something great, your boss yells at you because you make them look bad. I said yes just to help her out. She said she wanted to talk to me about something she & her boyfriend, someone I also know, were doing, and wondered if I would be interested in going to a little meeting at her office. Its based on any rep earning $100k DURING ANY BEST 12 MONTH ROLLING WINDOW during their entire careers. I had the same gut feeling to google and see if this was a real thing. Thank you all for this i guess i wont be going to that appointment today. Apparently these Primerica folk are misusing LinkedIn profiles for their slimy deeds. File a complaint about an investment or an investment account with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Primerica asks their reps for quite a bit. It was located on the northwest side of Chicago (also where the Primerica location is) in a building that was practically empty and only had a few rooms/offices one the 1st floor and a basement which is where we met and discussed this foolishness. He told me to have a seat and that there was going to be a presentation. I advised that I am not looking for a sales job, as all the cold calls about my resume have been for sales positions of one sort or another, and I really do not like selling. Had forgotten the details but Tracy Coenens information on many posts about the 99% failure rate of MLMs, despite Primericas legitimate products have me thinking. It is really not an insurance company, it is a distribution company that relies on a pyramid to fund the upper class there. I thought everyone wanted/needed our products and opportunity. A lot of people like in this blog are used to trading their time for money, going from one job to another. He also mentioned talking with a number of people at Lowes about how bad the schedule is here as I realized later, he makes the rounds at stores like this, trying to entice unhappy people into a get rich quick scheme. Warning any company Rep from anywhere that is vague with answering your questions ? A few of us bought into a resume site, access to hundreds of local resumes. This was my first piece of evidence that what they were saying literally was not adding up. Financial investments 6. So if you keep your premiums paid, your family will receive the benefit. I got called on resume. When i asked for a website he diverted the conversation to something else. If you want to sell insurance or investments, do it with a real company, not a scammy MLM. The lady that answered, said Prime America, how can I help you. Keep them going with promises of big fat contact lists. Those people in Primerica dont know enough about it to investigate, and once they find out the truth, its really hard for them to save face and quit. My typing speed is about 60 wpm. Because there is recruiting with so many levels, the distributor who sells the products receives much less money than if he or she sold similar services through a traditional insurance agency or investment company. Tameka Bell, How did they make you feel captive? Grant cardone once said if you dont have haters, your not working hard enough.

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